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Wow it Works

Bringing you the best in Children’s entertainment, families will meet Professor Paradox. Our lovable Professor creates magic with his crazy inventions, and even baffles the adults. Be part of his hairball experiments, and discover the answer to “Is the Hand Really Quicker Than The Eye?”. Finally, a children’s show that will have you saying “Wow it Works!”

BASIC(30 min)-
Want more time for the Birthday Cake? This fast paced program is great when you have limited time. See Professor Paradox demonstrate curious experiments, and discover what magic awaits when you add too much Co2 to soda pop!

Our Professor wants your child to be the star, and also wants everyone at the party to be involved. See why Bread & Roses awarded this show as being “The Most Interactive”. Children will be captivated, and adults will be amazed. Professor Paradox extends his program to offer even more mind boggling magic and reveals his most Top Secret experiments.

Want to make it a full hour? Our Professor has to make a special delivery to one of the characters from The World of Paradox. It’s a magic kit for Spellvin. Your guests will be overjoyed with laughter once they meet Spellvin. His magic is so baffling even he doesn’t know how it’s done?!?

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