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David Facer's The World of ParadoxThe World of Paradox

You and your guests will take an imaginative journey with David Facer as your Guide. Meet the residences from The World of Paradox as Mr. Facer transforms from one character to another. Offering an evening show so unique, there is nothing like it on your planet!

BASIC (30min)-
David wants to introduce you to his good friend J.W. Otherwise known as Jack Winter. Our very own Sideshow Carney who keeps more than aces up his sleeve.

Don’t just meet Jack when he keeps his best acts behind the sideshow curtain. Mr. Facer will transform once again into Jakob, the only living Mechanical Man with a Human Heart.

No holding back… This is what you are looking for. Take the full journey into The World of Paradox. David Facer’s theatrical background is pushed to the limit, as he transforms into Four different characters. Each character completely different from the other. With four completely different styles of magic. This is the show that will have you believing, “Impossible is NOT a word….”

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