Elegant Entertainment

“See What I See”

Removing artifice and entering the creative mind of David Facer, discover the true art of his craft. From behind the mask, be captivated and amazed, as he shares how he discovered his imaginative world. Watch as Mr. Facer defies what you think is impossible.

In the style of a traditional magic. This program offers you and your guest a pleasant night of entertainment. You will see baffling magic and discover David’s best kept paradox.

Impress your co-workers and friends, and make the evening memorable with award winning magic. See why Mr. Facer has achieved over 5 awards, including Best in Stage Performance. Through his charismatic charm, elegant demeanor, and sophisticated magic; this program will touch the heart, and tickle the mind.

PREMIER PLUS (60min with illusions)
Make it big and see the illusions. Mr. Facer brings high caliber magic as he adds a little spice to the show. Illusions that can even incorporate the guest of honor. This program is the ideal show to create a lasting impression.

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