The Magical Prankster



At birth, Spellvin was taken in by Jack Winter’s, “Sideshow Sensations”. As Spellvin learned to walk, he always felt closer to home when playing in the woods just outside the Sideshow. His ‘history remains a mystery’, as Spellvin learns of his magical powers.

Without a mentor to guide him, Spellvin makes a lot of mistakes, and his magic never turns out to be what it should be.   Not having the best of role models at the Sideshow, Spellvin finds his learning comes though the friends he meets.

One unfortunate afternoon our loveable orphan swallowed his kazoo, rendering him to vocalize nothing more than a squeak. The Sideshow entertainers, caring for Spellvin, named his new language “Swazeelie”.

Spellvin’s fast paced, and high energy, will prove language isn’t the only way to communicate. Spellvin meets with Professor Paradox for class in both Pseudo Science and Magic.


(The Magical Prankster)

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