The Dream Dweller


Nicolai Bayne

Our very own Magician, David Facer, has left the doorway to the “World of Paradox” unlocked. Nicolai Bayne seizes his opportunity and steps through, into our reality. An enigmatic Dream Dweller, Nicolai Bayne resides within our dream realm. Elusive by nature, he cradles a “Dream Grimoire”, and around his neck, donning a silver medallion. With an eye encapsulated within. “A necessary need, for reading my Dream Grimoire,” is usually his reply, whenever asked whose eye he holds.

Nicolai Bayne invites you to overcome your nightmares, and live out your fantasies. As a man who takes careful consideration, and deliberate action, Mr. Bayne will alter your reality with his dream-like demonstrations. Garnering an impeccable taste for magic, Mr. Bayne offers a rare chance to witness the dreams from his Grimoire (The place where magic begins). Seducing his audiences with grace and charm, he knows that dreams contain valuable lessons, and he’s just the gentleman to teach them. A man with great integrity, Mr. Bayne believes, “Thank You” is still a magic word. What happens when the lines of Dreams and Reality become intertwined? Mr. Bayne has that answer, and if you ask nicely, he just might show you.

Nicolai Bayne

(The Dream Dweller)

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