The Mechanical Man



Hidden within the clockworks of this mechanical marvel, lives a beating heart. Jakob, a magical treasure, is on a journey of discovery. Observing our human culture, lives, and emotion, Jakob translates what he sees within the magic he presents. Reflecting more than light, his gears represent the intricate workings of our own design. Ever in motion, and fighting for the will to live. Journey along, with Jakob, as he shares his observations.

Although a soft-spoken and gentile automaton, curious magic abounds for a heart that beats within a ‘human’ device. Jacob’s unconventional compassion towards our human existence will even confound the most of intellectual audiences. Affectionately called, “The Mechanical Man with a Human Heart”, Jakob is the main event at “Sideshow Sensations;”

Witness as Jakob expresses his desire to capture a spirit for his heart. Until such a day arrives, Jakob evolves with every human interaction.


(The Mechanical Man With a Human Heart)

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