The Carney


Jack Winter

Take a step back in time and meet Jack Winter. A Bombastic showman! Equipped with his handle bar mustache, Jack Winter invites you to witness the bizarre. As the Proprietor of his very own “Sideshow Sensations,” J.W. (as his friends call him), time warps his audience into circa 1920’s Americana. Armed with his Quick Wit, and a Whiskey Filled Flask, Jack Winter doesn’t know the meaning of fear.

As man who believes that, “Only the Bravest Wear a Mustache!” he consistently defies all odds with some of his more dangerous stunts.

Life is just a game,” to Jack Winter, “and in every game, there’s always a prize!”. Still a Man’s Man and a Ladies Gentleman, our Courageously ‘Kooky Carney’ loves to interact and meet with his patrons. But don’t get too close. Mr. Winter is known quite well for his sleight of hand; and yet the temptation of, “what awaits behind the sideshow curtain” slowly draws in every patron.

He will regale you with Tale Tales, Astound you with Magic, and Rattle Your Funny Bone! Everyone will be remembering Jack Winter, “…because if you don’t know me, then you don’t know Jack!”

Jack Winter

(Proprietor of Sideshow Sensations)

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