The Magician


David Facer

Ever since childhood, David Facer has performed for audiences throughout the Bay Area. His theatrical talents, combined with his skillful magic, complement each other in a way that has never been presented before on one stage. Mr. Facer has reestablished what it means to perform theatrical Magic. Every presentation is meticulously designed to remain ahead of the competition, and provide audiences with performances that cannot be duplicated by any other magician. As Mr. Facer explains,

“I want to introduce my guests to magic as one would experience a theatrical play. Theatre has the power to suspend disbelief, and send audiences along a journey locked within their imaginations. Magic has the power to inspire and lift the heart to limitless heights. Together they offer an experience that elevates live entertainment beyond anything we thought possible.”

From his colleagues, David Facer was honored as one of the best magicians in the Bay Area, and has received awards in Stage Magic, Unique Close-up, and for his free-style “Mingle Magic”.

Named “Magician of the Year,” by the Society of American Magicians, Mr. Facer’s productions inherently stand out from the rest.

 Magician, David Facer

invites you to

“See What I See”

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